Hello there
Wondering just how to spend these lonely nights……

Obviously, or else you wouldn’t be here looking at what the world
has to offer, lol.

Imagine a world, if you may, of attractive, intelligent and cultured
women, happy to spend an evening (or morning, or even an afternoon if
you like) as your companion, sharing in the simple pleasures life has
to offer, or even the complex….should you desire.

Of course, such a world does not exist…most companions might require
a lasting emotional bond, or perhaps the promise of one.So what does
the busy sophisticated gentleman (or lady) do in such a situation?

I would imagine they would either give up entirely, or seek the warmth
and comfort of someone like me.

Who am I, you inquire?

A young chocolate British lady living in Philly, exquisite to the
taste, pleasing to
the eye and intoxicating to the mind. Discretion is of ultimate
importance to me as I, too, am a busy professional, who likes to
dabble in the occasional vice, now and then……

Email me for further details and information.


Zoek een date in: Diegem, Vlaams-Brabant  Relatiestatus: Vrijgezel Geaardheid: HeteroLengte: 170 - 175 cm Postuur: Slank Ogen: Blauw Opleiding: MBO Haarkleur: Blond Roken: Nee SM: Nee Cupmaat: B75 Geschoren: Ja Piercings: Nee Tatoeages: Nee

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