Hi dear boys & men ….In everyday life I like hot boy Ricardo.I fulfill the role of Sheila as Crossdresser (CD)a 100% Dutch young girl,born in Nijmegen and living / working in Den Haag (South Holland)* Meaning Crossdresser: (English for ‘cross-dressed) is a straight guy who tries to imitate the look of a woman by the following:to dress in women’s clothing standard;use of accessories;female hairstyle;use of makeup;use of the voice.The crossdresser do so for sexual arousal or other fetishism.In the Dutch language we know only one word for someone who envelops himself in clothes of the opposite sex: transvestite. However, the motives of transvestites vary somewhat. The dress or dress like ‘can focus on eroticism, show travesty, or imitating the appearance of a woman.I have a good job, a nice circle of friends around me and a healthy social life.The reason I myself offering here for escort work by placing a personal ad is that I just quickly try some extra money together to smuggle beside my study and work because I want to go backpacking in Australia.I am very friendly and social towards other people and have a fantastic young, slim and smooth body. And I make no secret that I really love sex and this surely has become a daily pleasant pastime:-)Would not it be exciting to get experience even for the first time with a crossdresser then you have come to the right place.Have some experience with crossdressers but want something different than you’re used to that is also fine!I am hygienic, very discreet and very good and active in bed.This I expect from you ….I love the soft erotic game like kissing, massaging, hugging, good conversation, dinner date or a striptease but I am also committed to the more violent (kinky) work. I am open to many and the possibilities are endless.If you clearly indicate what you have exactly in mind if you want to make a date with me then we will certainly be out!Most statistics, prices and further information can be found here on my profile.Should you nevertheless have any other questions or requests please send me a message or an email.Would you really not too long to wait before you can have fun with me you can reach me by phone 24 hours a day to make an appointment.I wish everyone a wonderful Easter week end far:-)xxx Sheila.


Zoek een date in: Noord-Holland, Oosteinde  Relatiestatus: Vrijgezel Geaardheid: HeteroLengte: 170 - 175 cm Postuur: Slank Ogen: Blauw Opleiding: MBO Haarkleur: Lichtblond Roken: Ja SM: Nee Cupmaat: B70 Geschoren: Ja Piercings: Nee Tatoeages: Nee

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